Few people know that the first artificial tree for Christmas was made from green goose feathers. Gifts are changing with the times, too, and many unique Christmas gifts can now be customized for someone special in your life!

You may be inspired to find more unusual gifts in lieu of dolls and toy guns, but where to start?

Fret not! Below are some unique Christmas gift ideas just for you. I’ve included a couple DIY gift ideas along with a couple store-bought options for more choice. Enjoy!

Initialed Jewelry

With so many unique gifts for Christmas out there, it’s the thought that makes your gift stand out. A best friend or loved one will love a personalized piece of jewelry.

You can look for a monogram necklace or jewelry that you customize initials and matching font.

You can even order a bracelet with your own handwriting on it! Every time they look at their unique gift for Christmas, they will think of you.

Magazine Jewelry

Alternatively, you can also create your own DIY jewelry from old magazines. These can be made into many different shapes, such as a heart or flower. You can find the details and tutorial here.

(Just keep in mind that you’re going to need A LOT of patience to make this!)

Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof speakers are smaller and more adventure-friendly than ever! This is a unique Christmas gift idea for music lovers ready to jam out anywhere! You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors to match their personality.

A portable speaker like this is not just waterproof. It pairs wirelessly, and some even have built-in mics for talking on speakerphone. You’ll also find a small clip for when they want to enjoy their unique Christmas gift hands-free.

Photo Snow Globe

Photos create beautiful memories that last forever, and there aren’t many gifts that are more personalized than a photo of a beautiful memory.

Create a photo snow globe and put a picture of you with whoever you’re giving the gift to. They’ll love it! Find the tutorial over at Parenting.com.

Personalized Calendar

The best gift you can give someone? One that shows all they can look forward to in the coming year! You can choose a calendar that is as quirky or organized as the person receiving it.

Since the person you’re shopping for will likely look at their calendar weekly (or daily), you want to make sure it’s a joy to look at. A calendar template can provide visual style you’d never knew your calendar needed.

Within minutes, your calendar has its own cheerful, noticeable style, and you have a unique gift for Christmas!

Zen Drawing Board

The next time you have to go back to the “drawing board” of sorts, try the real thing. These boards are designed for play or to lift creative blocks. All you need is your board, brush, and some water.

As you paint, beautiful black ink magically appears on the board. When you are done with your creation, you can take a picture of it or simply come back later. Your board will look good as new for your next painting session.

Clip-On Smartphone Lens

If your special someone likes photography, they will love this unique Christmas gift. You may not want to risk spending hundreds on a new camera with complicated parts. Fortunately, you can snag one of these lenses for under $50. 

You can attach this lens to your smartphone as easily as plugging in a charging cable. This lens works with the front or rear camera, and the glass keeps unwanted light from interfering with picture quality.

BONUS: DIY Wrapping Paper

Here is a bonus item: How to make cool, vintage-looking wrapping paper.

Obviously, you won’t be giving away gift wrap on its own as a gift. However, DIY wrapping paper can make your gift just a little bit more memorable and personalized. The tutorial is on UpcyleYourLife.com.

Spreading Joy One Unique Christmas Gift at a Time

Your choice is ultimately about the gesture, and unique Christmas presents are perfect for sending the right message. Even better- next year, you might get an awesome present from someone who was inspired by your unique Christmas gifts!

You never know how fun the holidays can be when you mix things up. Remember to keep browsing our blog for more inspiration during the holidays and beyond!

And, if you’d like to get more DIY gift ideas, you can check out this list that I’ve compiled with 17 different DIY Christmas gift ideas (with many that are not on this list!).

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