Ditch Plastic Drinking Straws

Ditch Plastic Drinking Straws

Why You Should Ditch Plastic Straws!

Why You Should Ditch Plastic Straws


Americans use over 500 000 000 (five hundred million!) plastic drinking straws per day! Straws are made of plastic, which is made from oil. Therefore, the making of so many straws causes a lot of pollution on the Earth. To make matters worse, most people do not recycle straws, even though they are recyclable.


If Straws are Recyclable, why can’t we fix the Problem by Recycling?

Straws may be recyclable, but any plastic that is created on the Earth will likely stay here forever, or almost forever. Straws can be recycled and used again as plastic, but the plastic will never leave the Earth since plastic is pretty much non-biodegradable. If there is a small demand for plastic straws, less plastic straws will be made, and therefore less plastic and pollution will be on the Earth. Next time you buy a soft drink at a fast-food restaurant, ditch the straw, and help the Earth. It’s simple to drink beverages without a straw!

Thank you Tom Mills at greenshortz.com for giving us the idea of writing this article!

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