DIY christmas gifts from recycled items with tutorials

Making your own DIY Christmas gifts from recycled materials is always a very good idea because you can save money and help the Earth.

But Wait: What are you supposed to make? It has to be simple and fast to create, and it has to be something that people want.

That’s why we created this list of DIY gifts that people ACTUALLY want. You might not even want to give the gift away after you make it! How many times have you heard that before?

1. Photo Snow Globes

DIY christmas gifts from recycled items with tutorialsPhotos create beautiful memories that last forever. Create a photo snow globe and put a picture of you with whoever you’re giving the gift to. They’ll love it! Find the tutorial over at

2. Laptop Case from old sweaters


To create this, you will need an old sweater and some basic sewing knowledge. If you’re ready to go, here’s the tutorial.

3. Magazine Jewelry

DIY christmas gifts from recycled items magazine pendant

WARNING: You’re going to need ton of patience to make this! These can be made into many different shapes, such as a heart or flower. You can find the details and tutorial here.

4. Draw String Backpack (no sewing)

DIY christmas gifts from recycled items draw string backpack

Rest assured: this draw string backpack doesn’t need to be sewed together! This is great if you want to make an old shirt design into a new backpack. Instructions can be found here.

5. Styrofoam Stamps

DIY christmas gifts from recycled items draw

Gifting a custom stamp to someone is a gift that they’ll never forget. You can put someone’s initials on the stamp, or maybe put an important icon/message. Just make sure you look at the tutorial (or else you won’t know how to start!).

6. Money Clip made from Aluminum Ruler

This project will be a little more complicated than the others to make, but the final product looks great. Maybe you could include some money with the money clip when you give the gift :)! The tutorial is in the video above.

7. Snack Container made from a tin can

Diy snack container from a tin canThis isn’t a standalone gift, but you can put cookies or something else in here and give that as a gift. The tutorial paints the Grinch on the container, but you can paint anything.

8. Apron from an old Shirt (no sewing involved!)

9. Magnets made from bottle lids

DIY beer bottle magnets These magnets from bottle lids are simple to make and are great decorations or gifts. You can view the tutorial here.

10. T-Shirt Bag (no sewing!)

Here’s something else awesome, made with an old T-Shirt and some string. It’s a T-shirt bag!

11. Bottle Cap Sculptures


Look! They’re bottle caps… no, they’re sculptures… no, they’re bottle cap sculptures! You can check out how Josh Stolberg creates these sculptures on this Upcycle That page.

12. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments


Here is the tutorial for these snowman ornaments. How cute!

13. Mini Pencil Case from Brush cases


This small mini pencil case is great for traveling, and it’s quick, simple gift. If you need to make something last minute, this could be for you. Take a look at the tutorial here.

14. Mosaic Christmas Card or Decoration

Ever wondered what do do with broken mirrors and old CDs? Use it to make mosaic cards and decorations of course! CraftingAGreenWorld uses a broken mirror to make this, but I tried using CDs and they work just as well.

15. Blanket made from old Sweaters


You can ignore this if you don’t want to spend your whole life making a gift. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you will need a lot of time to make this. Here is the sweater blanket tutorial.

-Yes, we know we said that this list would comprise of simple things to make. But this project was too good to let go of, so we put it in here.

16. Make/Decorate a Picture Frame

edited picture frame

One great gift that makes memories last is a decorated picture frame with a personalized picture. Make sure to check out these picture frame decorating ideas for more info.

17. Gift Wrap


Here is a bonus item: How to make cool, old-looking wrapping paper. You aren’t going to give wrapping paper as a gift (obviously!), but you can wrap a gift with this stuff to make it pretty. The tutorial is on

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