We know that choosing a type of fabric is never a simple task, especially in something as important as a handbag. That is why we have brought you this guide, where we present you with the materials that we believe are best for making bags.

If you’re looking to get a handbag, you must get a reliable one that is durable and elegant. Handbags are available in various shapes and sizes, as well as various materials. 

The most popular materials for handbag fabrics include leather, cloth and vinyl. The materials that make up your bag help determine how long it can last, and how environmentally-friendly it is.

Here are 5 different handbag materials that you can choose from next time you purchase a bag. 

Genuine Leather Bag

Many women and men choose leather because of its durability and style. Leather is usually made of cowhide (the skin of a cow), which is also completely waterproof. 

From cinnamon to black, leather comes in a variety of colors. Leather bags are also available in a variety of styles and sizes, and some shops even sell vegan leather bags (made of synthetic leather, which we’ll talk about later). 

Leather Handbag

Leather can be combined with a variety of different styles, and can be worn for any occasion; as a casual bag, or to match an elegant evening suit. 

There is also a type of leather called patent leather. Unlike standard leather, patent leather has a mirror-like glossy finish and comes in a variety of colors. 

Patent leather bags are best for adding style to an evening gown. For people who use their wallet every day or those who plan to keep their wallet for a long time, they should consider this material because of its strength, glossiness, and durability. 

Leather is a material that is commonly used in high-end bags, and often gives a sense of style and luxury. However, leather bags are generally more expensive than bags of other types of fabric.

Synthetic Leather Bag

For those who want the look of leather without high prices, synthetic leather is the ideal alternative. Also known as pleated leather, imitation leather is generally made of plastic, so it is not as resistant as real leather, although it is still waterproof. 

Synthetic leather bags are also available in a variety of different styles, and have a wider range of colors, because the material is made synthetically. While leather comes mainly in black and brown, imitation leather can be in any color. 

Because synthetic leather is made of a type of plastic (and not cowhide), this leather is more ideal for everyday use, but doesn’t last as long as genuine leather bags. 

For those who are looking for cheap goods, imitation leather is the right choice for your handbag.

Suede Bag

Suede is made from the bottom of an animal’s skin, and is a type of fuzzy leather. It’s a popular material for clothing and handbags, but it isn’t as durable as standard leather.

Suede Leather
Example of Suede Leather

Unlike skin, suede tends to absorb fluids easily and is therefore easily stained. To protect handbags made out of suede, a waterproof spray is used which makes it last longer. 

There are many different styles of suede bags with different designs. This type of bag is usually used for a casual-style appearance, or for everyday wear.

Nylon Bag

Another type of fabric used to make bags is nylon. 

Nylon is a man-made material consisting of synthetic polymers, which are waterproof and durable. This type of material comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and the price depends on the quality used. 

For people who want to invest in a durable bag, nylon is an excellent choice. Nylon bags tend to look more casual, so they are best for daily-carry bags.

Canvas Bag

Canvas is a popular material for handbags that are used by high-level designers, such as Prada or Louis Vuitton. 

Made of sturdy yarn, this is a heavyweight fabric that supports daily use. Light colored canvas bags can become dark from time to time, but they can be easily cleaned to keep your bag looking like new. Usually, you can hand-wash a canvas bag using soap and warm water without damaging it. 

There are a wide selection of bag materials to choose from, but ultimately, your own needs (and your budget) will determine your decision. 

Which type of handbag will you be choosing for your next purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

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