Put Candy Wrappers in the Trash on Halloween

Put Candy Wrappers in the Trash on Halloween

 Put Candy Wrappers in the Trash on Halloween

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During Halloween and a few days after, I always see a bunch of candy wrappers on the ground. Make sure when you go trick-or-treating that you don’t throw your candy wrappers on the ground. Keep them and throw them away in the trash can, or in the recycling bin if the wrapper is recyclable. Make sure that you also encourage your friends to do the same thing. If you see any wrappers that other people left on the ground, pick them up too. You’ll find that once you start doing the right thing, a lot of other people will follow you and do the right thing as well.

What’s so Bad about Leaving Plastic on the Ground?

Many things can happen to plastic that is thrown on the ground. Wind and rain can move plastic into a body of water, where marine animals can mistake plastic for food and eat it. Animals on land can also eat plastic, which chokes and/or poisons them. If the plastic isn’t consumed by an animal, it can start breaking down from the sun’s heat, which releases toxins that can kill plants and animals. You can probably see now why throwing candy wrappers and plastic on the ground is a bad idea, and why you should throw candy wrappers in the trash. Let’s all do our part to stop plastic from injuring animals, and from injuring our planet!


Happy Halloween, and stay safe everyone!

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