Use Reusable Bottles: Tips of the Week

Use Reuseable Water bottles

Using reusable bottles instead of bottled water has many advantages. On average, you can save $550 a year just by using reusable bottles! Every time you use a reusable bottle instead of disposable bottles, you are also helping the Earth. The making of plastic bottles causes a lot of pollution and uses a lot of oil. In fact, a standard disposable bottle of water (500 mL) takes about 125 mL of oil to make! That’s one quarter of the amount of water that’s in the bottle!

Well, what if you don’t have a reusable bottle? Buy one for a few dollars, or reuse the “disposable water bottles”. After you finish drinking water from one, fill it up and reuse it! Just because it’s disposable, it doesn’t mean you have to throw it away.

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