Save Money by Buying Second-Hand and Donate Unwanted Items

You see a pair of jeans at a Salvation Army thrift shop that costs $5 (for example). It is very similar to a new pair that you saw in a Wal-Mart, which costs $20. Actually, the two pairs of jeans are probably in the exact same condition. Which pair do you buy? Black jeans

Buying the $5 pair of jeans at the thrift shop would have saved you a lot of money, and you would have helped the Earth. Buying the new pair would mean that you would have brand new jeans… but it would also mean that you spent more money and created problems for the Earth. When you buy second-hand merchandise, you are helping the Earth by reusing an item that would have otherwise been thrown out and dumped at a landfill. Landfills create the Earth all sorts of problems, and the more stuff we can keep out of them, the better.


You can also help the Earth by donating unwanted items to thrift stores and/or charities. The average American throws away 82 pounds (about 37 kilograms) of textile (cloth and fabric) waste each year! That adds up to a lot of unnecessary waste, which can be avoided by donating instead of trashing. And, it isn’t just clothes that you can donate. Thrift shops will gladly accept donations of books, toys, cutlery, and other objects that you might want to donate. Make sure you don’t throw away a single object that can be donated ever again, and that you buy more second-hand objects!


Protect the Environment. Help the Earth.

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