3 Ways Kids can Help the Earth

Top 3 Ways Kids can Help the Earth!

Water Footprint Network.

  • If you cannot prevent waste, try to make sure you sort it. Each year, over half of all condo “waste” is recyclable! Imagine all the recycling, which could be made into something else, going into a landfill! At school and at home, sort your recyclables, garbage and food waste. If your school doesn’t have different waste bins for food waste, garbage and recycling, go to your eco-club/green-club teachers and try to get them to get some. Or go to a teacher or principal and ask them. If you need help sorting waste, go to the Toronto Garbage collection Waste Wizard.

  • Try to save water. You could turn off the tap when not in use, and at school, don’t play with the tap water. Use as much as you need and don’t waste it splashing your friends or doing something else that isn’t necessary. Also, don’t waste water with the water fountain by playing with the water as well. There are also many other ways to save water, and if you need help, just leave a comment.

  • If you need ANY help leave a comment or contact us. It would be nice as well if you could share this website with your friends. Have a good day!


    Let’s save the Earth together. Protect the Environment. Help the Earth.




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