A few reasons why you should help the Earth

website logo for new theme edited real copyHere are a few reasons why you should help the Earth, although the complete list of why to help is ENDLESS! Get out there, and help the Earth.

 Save Money!

  • If you drive less or don’t drive at all, you will be using less gas. Gas costs a lot of money, which means while you are saving the Earth, you get to save money! In addition, this isn’t the only way you could save money by helping the Earth…
  • When you turn off the lights when not in use, you are saving electricity, which means you are also saving your money!
  • Trying to not have as much trash? Good on you! Not only are you helping the Earth, you are saving money too! The more garbage you have, the more garbage tax you pay! Less garbage equals more $$$!

Help your Health!

  • When you pollute less by saving electricity or by doing something else, you are also helping keep our air quality high, which will help your health. Drive and pollute less, and everyone will breathe a bit easier!
  • Green and Earth friendly products are always better for your body than products that are made with oil, or other toxic products.

Save the Environment

  • Want to go camping? Well, logging (or cutting down trees), isn’t helping. Buy fewer wood products, especially products made with rainforest wood. Rainforests are one of the most important habitats in the world, with over half of the world’s animals living in one.
  • Use less plastics and put your trash in the right place (a garbage can). Animals choke on “stray plastic”, and can get tangled up too, often leading to death. This is especially true for marine animals like Sea turtles. Next time you go to the grocery store, bring a reusable bag and make sure you don’t accidently throw some trash onto the floor.


Let’s save the Earth together. Protect the Environment. Help the Earth.

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